Oil removal cartridges

Filter products for Hydrocarbon Removal

ENVirol™ has been developed to meet the increasing need for primary and secondary trace oil filtration systems.

AFL can provide cartridges made to customer specification with alternative diameters and lengths and will assist in any cartridge development that may be required.

New cartridges are under development so please enquire if you are looking for a non standard product or would like assistance with your particular application, in house test facilities are available.


A unique oil removal media , high efficienct with high capacity thet consistently out performs comparable products.

Click here to download the ENVirol™ specification sheet (140kb).

ENVirol™ filter elements are available in the following sizes as standard (please note that the first number denotes the length in inches and second the diameter in millimetres):

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AFL Filter cartridge configuration

Please note that the first number is the diameter of the cartridge in millimetres and the second the diameter in inches.

10 x 70mm filter cartridge
20 x 70mm filter cartridge
30 x 70mm filter cartridge
40 x 70mm filter cartridge
10 x 117mm filter cartridge
20 x 117mm filter cartridge

AFL Filter cartridge end cap configuration

blank / O RingSpear / O Ring
Blank / O Ring with TabSpear / O Ring with Tab

Double Open Ended


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