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AFL is an established UK-based manufacturer and supplier of filtration products. AFL can supply string wound, oil removal, pleated and carbon cartridges from our comprehensive range or work with you to find a bespoke solution for your customer-specific requirements.

Oil from water and general water purification is required in many different industries and for many applications, AFL has many years of experience and can assist in recommending the best solution for you.

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String Wound Cartridges

AFL spiral string wound filter cartridges provide an excellent economical solution to particulate removal for a broad range of industries.

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Oil Removal Cartridges

AFL’s high-capacity oil cartridges typically remove 99% of total oils from oilfield-produced and industrial waters.

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Pleated Cartridges

AFL pleated filters offer excellent flow rates and high efficiency as well as effective filtration.

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Carbon Cartridges

AFL manufactures cartridges for filtering potable, industrial and process waters using different types of activated carbon.

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Multimedia Cartridges

AFL’s multimedia cartridges combine different media in one filter, saving on housings and cost.

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Water Treatment

TAC (template assisted crystalisation) cartridges are the proven alternative to using water softeners to protect against limescale build-up.

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Filter Housings

AFL supplies plastic filter housings that have been manufactured to suit the most rigorous applications.

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