Pleated Cartridges

AFL manufactures and supplies pleated cartridges in a full range of media including polyester, polypropylene, glass fibre, polyethersulfone and nylon.

Pleated filters from AFL offer excellent filtration properties in absolute and nominal efficiency grades to suit your application.

Pleating allows the filtration media to be tightly packed inside the cartridge, dramatically increasing available surface area while maintaining high dirt holding and low-pressure drops.

Pleated filter cartridges are used effectively against the cryptosporidium parasite, found in some water supplies, which is known to cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. They are often used in the beverage industry.

In the oil and gas sector, the fully thermally bonded construction of pleated cartridges offers safe operation and optimum performance.

An outer support cage provides product strength and rigidity, protecting the pleat pack to ensure media integrity. The inner support core allows end caps to be thermally bonded to the cartridge for security and strength. Thermal bonding means no adhesives are used and ensures no leaching into the filter stream.

AFL cartridges are manufactured in the UK from FDA-compliant materials.

For superior performance, AFL offers a premier glass fibre pleated cartridge. This features a pleat pack constructed from borosilicate laboratory-grade glass fibre for high purity. Applications for this premier glass fibre pleated cartridge include potable water, cyst reduction, air and gas filtration and beverage clarification.

Cartridges can be supplied in a range of micron sizes, lengths, end-cap configurations and operating temperatures and we are happy to work with you to help find the correct combination of materials for the solution you need.

Pleated Cartridges