Oil Removal Filter Cartridges

ENVirol™ − the efficient and economical oil removal cartridge range from AFL

ENVirol™ is AFL’s efficient and economical oil removal cartridge range which effectively takes total oils from oilfield-produced and industrial waters.

The range now includes ENVirol™ Original, ENVirol™ Plus and ENVirol™ Block.

The polishing out of trace hydrocarbons from partially processed water prior to discharge has always proved a difficult and costly exercise. Emulsions and the dissolved fraction can now be economically removed using ENVirol™ filter cartridges as a polishing phase after existing oil removal technologies.

The ENVirol™ media is surface-modified substrate composed of selected fibres which are chemically modified to have a high affinity to forming a powerful electro-chemical bond with hydrocarbons.

ENVirol™ has been designed to provide high efficiency and take up of all types of hydrocarbon with exceptional holding capacity.


  • Industrial and process waters from many different sources
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) protection against oil fouling, including boiler feed make-up water and desalination plants
  • Oil and gas production waters and run-off waters from oilfield production and drilling facilities
  • Refinery process and disposal waters
  • Run-off waters from parking areas, service stations and aircraft stand areas
  • Bund waters such as around electrical transformers and oil storage tanks
  • Truck and car washdown facilities
  • Marine bilge waters

An instant and irreversible bond is formed with the ENVirol™ media technology as hydrocarbons pass through the filter cartridge.

The ENVirol™ Original cartridge will adsorb up to 300% of its own weight and remove 99% of all oils present in a single pass.

Very high flow rates are achievable with ENVirol™ Original without any increase in pressure or loss of flow rate.

Benefits of ENVirol™ Original

  • Exceptional flow rates.
  • Adsorbtion capacity 300% of its own weight.
  • 99% removal of all oils in one single pass.
  • No pressure differential during process or loss of flow rate.


ENVirol™ Plus technology shows a reliable and steady increase in diiferential pressure. Flow rate is reduced as the cartridge reaches saturation, giving a simple and safe signal of the cartridge change-out point.

Benefits of ENVirol™ Plus

  • High flow rates.
  • Exceptional adsorption capacity.
  • Pressure differential and reduced flow rates indicate change-out point.

In the ENVirol™ Block cartridge polymer media technology instantly forms a barrier when in contact with hydrocarbons. This gives ultimate protection in downstream processes of discharges.

Benefits of ENVirol™ Block

  • Sharp shut-off results in no hydrocarbons passing.
  • Can be used as final stage of oil removal where oil-in-water monitors are not present.

Oil Removal Cartridge

Oil Removal Cartridge