String Wound Filter Cartridges

String wound filter cartridges – high dirt-holding capacity and a longer life

AFL spiral string wound filter cartridges provide an excellent economical solution to particulate removal for a broad range of industries.

Manufactured in the UK, AFL’s precision wound cartridges are available in a comprehensive range of micron ratings (from 0.5 to 200), yarns, core lengths and diameters. These cartridges have high dirt-holding capacity, accommodate high flow rates and offer fewer cartridge change-outs.

Precision winding patterns on our computer-controlled machines eliminate product variation and ensure accurate filtration ratings and high retention.

Various fibres and cores offer compatibility with a broad range of chemicals and high temperature applications.

For higher efficiency we offer dual wound cartridges featuring two wind patterns. A more open pre-filtration section removes larger particles, while a tighter final filter section provides removal of smaller particulates.

AFL string wound cartridges are suitable for filtering liquids, compressed air and gases. They are available in standard 2½” and 4½” (BB-style) cartridge diameter configurations and other diameters.

Our lead time is one to two weeks.

Standard polypropylene:
For concentrated acids and alkalis. Strong oxidising agents, corrosive fluids and gases. FDA approved. Easily incinerated to trace of ash. For use to 65ºC.

Fibrilated polypropylene
Non-migrating slit film polypropylene, free of extractables, used in ultra-pure liquids, electronics and plating where non-leaching is critical. Chemical resistance equal to standard polypropylene. For use to 70ºC.

Bleached cotton
Bleached to meet FDA standards for potable applications: distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils, petroleum, fatty acid and alcohols. For use to 120ºC.

Chemical resistance similar to polypropylene with temperature resistance to 100ºC.

For special process applications, concentrated alkalis and hydrocarbons. For use to 180ºC.

Ryton (Polyphenylene sulfide)
Non-oxidising, good for high pH applications, even at high temperatures. Chemically resistant with many acids, salt solutions and automotive fluids. Maximum temperature 285ºC.

Heat treated glass
Heat treated to yield virgin glass fibre. Excellent for high temperature applications to 450ºC.

Economical core choice for most applications in water and corrosives.

Tinplated steel
General purpose metal core for oils, solvents, paints and other non-FDA applications.

304 Stainless steel
For high temperature applications on diluted acids and moderately corrosive fluids. FDA applications.

316 Stainless steel
For high temperature applications on strong acids and highly corrosive fluids. FDA applications.

String Wound Cartridge